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NZFW Day 3 & 4 Higlights

NZFW Day 3 & 4 Higlights

Another day, another fashion show at NZFW. Gosh it has been full on but it's all in the experience right? Day 3 & 4 bought more breathtaking shows to the runways at the ANZ Viaduct Event Centre.  

Neally every designer featuring at NZFW happened to feature in one day throughout all the shows. The Resene Fashion Show took place on Wednesday night and it was ridiculously impressive. Every line had picked out their signature pieces to showcase in this medley show.  

Earlier that day, NZ Weddings put on the most beautiful show (obviously) and the sweetest one because there was a baby on the runway! My favourite dresses came from designers Trish Peng, Jessica Bridal Boutique and Modes. These dresses were amazing, they ranged from elegant slim fitting dresses to great big gowns of lace and floral patterns. Everything from a bohemian bride to a modern bride was covered. Trish Peng stole the show though, with a dress made entirely of real flowers, crafted OVERNIGHT! There's $4k worth of flowers in there! A key trend that I also noticed were veils and trains draping from the shoulders which I absolutely love! 


The graduate show was the most impressive show of the day. Graduate and student designers from all over the country are producing amazing garments and there craftsmanship skills are insane for young designers. My favourite was Tia Fangs SS18 Hard Candy line. The dresses were completely made of white tule which were worn with girly patterned slips underneath. Great big flowers and roses were placed onto the dresses to compliment them and bring them to life.

Jane Boyle is a 16 year old designer (!!!) who won the supreme Brother Design Stars award during the Brother Design star award during the grad show (what a mouthful?! Sorry) She created this really funky pink jacket with tassels of all different colours draping from the sleeves. So young, but so much talent! 



After doing a 13 hour day on Wednesday I was super stoked that Thursday would be a little more chill. The Wonderful Wool Show was first up in the morning. showcasing a range of designers who utilise this material to their maximum potential. I was gathering yet again another 70's vibe going on but also a modern and deconstructed one. I was excited to see that Liz Mitchell had flared pants in her line. I'm gonna have to get me some, I'm obsessing over them.

Another amazing couple of days here at NZFW and I am completely immersing myself into this wonderful industry. Bring on the last few days! 

Caitlan xx

Keep scrolling for all the photos from the past couple of days! 


NZ Weddings, Modes, Trish Peng 



Graduate Show/Design Stars

 Miromoda Showcase  

Miromoda Showcase  


Wonderful Wool  


Kate Sylvester run through  


Go Media/Supretter run through  

High Tea Amber Ale is the drink for beer, tea and chocolate lovers!

High Tea Amber Ale is the drink for beer, tea and chocolate lovers!

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