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NZFW Day 1 & 2 Highlights

NZFW Day 1 & 2 Highlights

This year I knew I HAD to go to NZFW. I wasn't going to be able to attend as a delegate or VIP (not yet anyway) so I thought what better way to experience Fashion week than working it. Okay so obviously theres way better ways to attend NZFW but I had to be there and working was my only ticket. And omg it really has been worth it!

I was left speechless after Zambesi opened NZFW. Right from the beginning to the end I was captivated into their modernism and futuristic vibe. The stand out tones in the line was yellow and metallic. I loved the tailored yellow suits and the metallic Doc Martens, these Docs are already on my wish list. This was incredible show for a fashion show virgin like me to see, it was amazing, inspiring and exciting all in one and I was really looking forward to the rest of the week now. 

My first full day at NZFW was interesting and exhausting. I have never packed and organised so many goodie bags ever. During a show Colin Mathura-Jeffree  asked me to warm his seat for him (he was joking but it was a great ice breaker). He's is a huge icon in the New Zealand fashion industry. I always love his great big scarfs he has draped over him, oh and his hair. We had a good chat and a laugh about horrible people and I am pleased to say that I have met Colin Mathura-Jeffree. 

Today I got to see so many amazing shows, Hailwood, Andrea Moore, Not for You, Federation and so many more. I was constantly left speechless after every show, especially Andrea Moores. 

Andrea Moore's show opened with a performance from the Royal New Zealand Ballet who were wearing the lines active wear. The models weaved through the curtains of fairy lights hanging up and down the aisle. They were dressed in garments of bold colours and elegant florals. My favourite peice was a tailored turquoise coat. It was truly the most beautiful set up I have seen so far and her inspiration was that women are today's heroes. The whole show had a very strong vibe of women empowerment which was Inspiring. 


My favourite clothing line of the day though would have had to be Hailwood. There were so many pieces that I loved and I was really digging the glam 70's theme. Can we please bring back that 70's hairstyle though?! I am obsessing over the high waisted flared pants and I'm still deciding whether or not I would be able to pull them off. My favourite piece though was this beautiful yellow pleated skirt, the way it has been fitted and structured makes it look so elegant and classy. 

My personal highlights though were too meet people. I met Colin, Amber Peebles, Ashleigh Coldicutt who is an amazing writer and editor at Remix Magazine and Ash Owens who helped me get my blog going and is an up and coming super famous NZ fashion blogger who really has a talent for fashion blogging! I'm here to network and I've done just that in such a short time, I'm happy to say that I've met some of the people already who are big inspirations to me.

Keep posted for all my NZFW updates! 

Caitlan xx 

Keep scrolling for images from the first couple of days!   

NZFW Day 3 & 4 Higlights

NZFW Day 3 & 4 Higlights