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Creative #2: The designer behind Broken Lovers

Creative #2: The designer behind Broken Lovers


Abby Sy Roldan is the talented young designer behind the up and coming label ‘broken lovers’. Fresh out of high school Abby needed to decide if she was going to follow a career of music or fashion. In the end fashion won her heart. 

“I loved creating things, sewing and seeing my sketches turn into final garments. Fashion is always something I’m passionate about”, says Abby. 

Abby, now 25, had studied textiles in high school and has continued to design ever since. She went on to go to New Zealand Fashion Tech for a year, after that continuing her studies at AUT where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in marketing and advertising. 

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Nowadays Abby is designing at any chance she can get.  She has to juggle her label between full time work at Pat Menzies everyday so she is often working on her designs and sewing after work. One day she hopes that she will be able to take up her label as a full time gig. 

A little fun fact to know is that even though Abby’s label is very girly, her personal style is completely different. She say’s she prefers a casual look of jeans and a t-shirt. 

THE BRAND - 'broken lovers'

Abby started ‘broken lovers’ back in 2011 and at first it was actually called ‘He Loves Me Not’. She describes this start as her “concept phase” before re branding her whole idea. 

Obsessed with love songs and flowers, Abby started making simple t-shirts and dresses from fabric she had accumulated from school. One thing that has always been important for Abby is that all her garments are individually designed and hand made by herself. This is what gives ‘broken lovers’ its edge. 

“I wanted to make all the pieces handmade and ‘handmade’ to be one of my main selling points because one of my mission is to create one-of-a-kind affordable pieces that you won't see anywhere else”, says Abby.

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To keep true to the one-of-a-kind element, Abby generally only makes one of each garment in each size. This way her customers will have a special garment that no one else will have and she hopes they will treasure this value.

The label is derived from a conceptual idea that is inspired by a romantic story of forbidden love. Abby creates dainty handmade garments with this inspiration in the back of her mind. Each of her collections has a distinctive theme. For example there was the china doll collection and most recently a linen collection. My personal favourite so far has been the hopeless romantic collection!

Abby Sy Roldan Profile Photo wearing My Love Dress.jpg

Nowadays Abby is working on building her label, creating more collections and growing the labels exposure through social media. Since Abby was young her ultimate goal has been to work on her fashion label full time and I totally believe she is going to be a star in the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see ‘broken lovers’ grow and evolve and I sure will be going along for the journey!

To see more of Abby's label, broken lovers, be sure to check out her Instagram and her website x



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