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What I ate in Queenstown

What I ate in Queenstown

I recently went on a little holiday down south to Queenstown which ultimately means I ate a lot of food, and good food it was too. Below are my favourites from the trip and they are definitely worth checking out if you are ever in Queenstown...

1. Caribe Latin Kitchen - Chicken Burrito 

If you’re after a Mexican fiesta at a low price but with more flavour than ever then you can’t go past Caribe Latin Kitchen located in the Queenstown Mall (which is just a street of shops). I would recommend that you opt for the chicken burrito, at just $13 for a large, it is jam-packed enough to fill you up at dinner time. If you want a little something-something on the side and your fan of all things spicy than make sure you get some chicken wings, they are to die for. 

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2. Cookie Time - Choc Chip Cookie mega ice cream cookie sandwich 

No trip to Queenstown is complete without a stop at the cookie time shop. The smell alone makes the place smell like you are actually inside a cookie. They keep a warmer stocked up with all their iconic cookies and have an ice cream bar right at the counter too. You know what this means , Cookies + Ice Cream = Cookie Sandwich!! 


3. Fergburger 

Theres a reason why the line to order a burger at this joint is so long, their frickin AMAZING. I have eaten here before but being the burger lover I am there was no way I was leaving without feasting on a burger from these geniuses even if it meant I had to wait. I ordered the Mr Big Stuff burger and it actually defeated me, which was obviously a poor effort on my behalf. It was lathered with a 3/4 pound beef patty, topped with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion and aioli. Its safe to say that this burger lover was yet again satisfied. 


4. Fat Badgers - 50c Buffalo Wings

We ended up at Fat Badgers by accident as we were walking by in the afternoon and saw that they were doing a happy hour, but for HOT WINGS at 50c each. So we got 12 and and a drink and my oh my it sure did make for a good afternoon. The next thing I love the most after burgers is buffalo wings. This joint is also the ones responsible for making the ginormous 22 inch NYC style pizzas, unfortunately we just didn’t have enough time to devour this beast on this trip. 


5. Patagonia Chocolates - Make your own ice cream 

We visited Patagonia down by the wharf simply to enjoy the novelty of making your own ice cream, I don’t know why but it just seems like something you’d only find overseas but its right here in our backyard. We opted for the vanilla bean ice cream to be drowned in milk chocolate and then finally be covered in cookie pieces. It was creamy and delicious and so much fun to make.

Creative #2: The designer behind Broken Lovers

Creative #2: The designer behind Broken Lovers

Our Queenstown Adventure

Our Queenstown Adventure