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Our Queenstown Adventure

Our Queenstown Adventure

Just over a week ago my boyfriend, Kana and I took a trip down to the South Island and got up to heaps of fun stuff in Queenstown. I had finished my semester on the Friday and on the Sunday we flew out, by then I was in desperate need for a holiday and a bit of time out. 


We were up early to hit the road to get to the airport for our flight, stopping for a nutritious breakfast of steak and cheese pies from our favourite local bakery. We were quite early to the airport so this trip started with us catching up on Riverdale while we were waiting to board the plane. The weather was so beautiful, better than Auckland anyway, but all we were worried about was feeding our tummies because we were so hungry which led us to buying overly expensive sausage rolls. You can tell we are healthy eaters right?

We arrived to Queenstown just after lunch time so we didn’t have much planned for the day other than exploring the town. We checked into our hotel, Autoline Apartments and we got such an amazing room with a view of the Remarkable's and a spa bath! 

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Our first stop was Cookie Time where we devoured our ice cream cookie sandwiches! After some more exploring we set off for dinner and discovered the most amazing food from Caribe Latin Kitchen. We each got a burrito and some spicy chicken wings and it was honestly the best food I’ve ever had. 

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We were hoping that because we were on holiday we might sleep in…but no, we were up bright and early around 7am. Typical right. On this day we jumped right in (literally) and set out to do the Nevis Bungy (Kana) and the Nevis Canyon Swing (me). It was Kana’s first bungy jump ever and he insisted that he wasn’t scared at all but his face when he was getting strapped in told another story. I was scared just watching him and was much happier with my swing. 

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After we got back we waited ONE HOUR for Ferburger, which I thought was totally worth it but Kana was getting extremely hangry with the wait and the amount of people. In the end we got our burgers, headed down to the wharf and came out happy! 


Today we had a pretty full on day. We started the day off with a 18km bike ride from Arrowtown to Gibbston Valley Wines. Arrowtown is the cutest little town ever and I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed there during a previous trip down south with my family. The bike riding was so much fun and the scenery was beautiful, we rode along cliffs and rivers, over suspension bridges and through wineries. It was perfect! Once at the winery we were treated to a wine cave tour and wine tasting and I developed a love for Reisling. 

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Once we got back to town in the afternoon we feasted on more burritos before going back to the room to nap before dinner. After dinner, which included excessive amounts of ribs from BRAZZ, we headed off the Onsen Hot Pools.

These hot pools are dreamier than ever and we were at our most peaceful states during the one hour session in our private hot pool. We were also treated to wine, beer, ice cream and an Ecoya candle which was the perfect little touch to make it all so much better.

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It was time to head back home today and we were both pretty bummed out that we had to leave. We had both loved our time there so much that we didn’t really want to go. First though we ventured back into town to explore a little more as our flight wasn’t until the late afternoon. We grabbed and ice cream and then found some little ducklings along the beach at the wharf which were so cute and there was also a singing dog performing.

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To finish off the trip we went up the gondola to have lunch at the buffet, which I’m sad to say I wasn’t overly impressed with but it was alright and the view was amazing. I had a Toblerone cocktail that made me feel completely sick (duh caitlan) , so that was fun. 

With full tummies it was time to go meet our shuttle and say Goodbye! Until next time Queenstown, we definitely will be back and I recommend that everyone goes there too!

What I ate in Queenstown

What I ate in Queenstown

Creative #1: Sophia Doak, the model who prefers to be behind the camera

Creative #1: Sophia Doak, the model who prefers to be behind the camera